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Welcome to the testimonials page! Here’s what my students have to say about their journey learning Spanish with me

Gianella was great, her instructions were clear and engaging for my toddler. My daughter enjoys the activities and the songs. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great Spanish teacher for a 3 year old.

Alejandra C.

My 5-years-old daughter had a lot of fun! Very engaging class.

Suzanne R.

The class is wonderful. My son is finally speaking Spanish. He has more confidence. Thank you.

Damian D.

Great teacher and good lesson!


I want to express my gratitude to Gianella for making Spanish classes such a positive experience. Gianella makes the learning process fun and interactive.Thank you!

Ed Pantano

Excellent class. Gianella was patient, engaging, and had my (very resistant) 5 year old ready to sign up again!

Stefanie M.

We couldn't be happier with our child's progress since joining Gianella's classes. The engaging activities and personalized attention have truly made a difference in our child's language development.


It has been very helpful for my daughter. We don't speak Spanish at home nor at school so it's great for her. Gianella is just wonderful.

Emily Davis

Our son looks forward to his Spanish lessons every week with Gianella. The fun and interactive approach to teaching keeps him engaged, and we've seen remarkable improvement in his language skills.


I love Gianella, her flexibility with learning modalities, empathy, support, kindness and patience. Her rates are ultra reasonable and she goes above and beyond to ensure that the client it getting the most for their money and using the best method for them to be able to retain the language as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning Spanish. She’s become a dear friend of my husband and I.

Jill and Tim

Gianella ha sido mi profesora para un año, y creo que ella es la mejor profesora en todo de barcelona! su clase llena de bromas y nos reímos mucho pero la clase también llena de ejercicios que se prepara para cada estudiante. ella es muy paciente y si tienes la oportunidad para aprender español con gianella considérate afortunado!


Giane is an incredible teacher! we feel very lucky to have found her profile and have her as our teacher. my partner and I live in Spain and a huge goal of ours is to learn Spanish. we are at beginner+ level and Giane has really helped us improve. it’s clear she can teach at all levels. she is very patient, kind, flexible, and we always have fun and enjoy her classes! highly recommend!

Megan and Kyle

Every class with Giane was very insightful and a lot of fun. her way of teaching is truly exceptional, and after every class, you feel like you are improving significantly. all that I know in Spanish is thanks to her.

Yash Saha

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