Ages 5 and Up

Fun and Interactive Classes for Young Learners

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Are you looking for an easy and fun way for your children to learn Spanish?

You’ve come to the right place! Our Spanish immersion program for kids is designed for parents who want a simple and enjoyable course that guarantees their children’s success in learning the language.

¡Yo Puedo!

An engaging 8-week program tailored for children from 5 years old.

Why Choose Our Program?


Simplicity and Fun

We understand that learning a new language can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Our program focuses on simplicity and fun, offering interactive and exciting activities that will keep your children engaged and entertained throughout the course.


Guaranteed Results

Worried about whether your child will really learn Spanish? With our program, you can rest assured that you’ll see tangible results in just 8 weeks. Our practical and effective approach ensures that your children acquire basic Spanish communication skills quickly and efficiently.


Flexibility for Busy Parents

We know that being a parent can be demanding, so we’ve designed our program with flexibility in mind. With class schedules tailored to your needs and access to class recordings to catch up, you can rest easy knowing that your children’s learning won’t interfere with your schedule


Personalized Experience

 Upon confirming your payment, you will receive the necessary materials and links to access our classes. You’ll be ready to start your Spanish learning journey with us.

What's Included in the Program?

Our program offers more than just live sessions. Your child will also gain access to downloadable teaching materials for each week, such as workbooks and supplementary resources available through Google Drive.

Course Outline

Discover Our Weekly Curriculum: 8 Units crafted to inspire and educate your child on various Spanish vocabulary and content. Engage them through interactive games and role-playing activities.

  • Learn colors and numbers
  • Practice ordering ice cream flavors in Spanish. 
  • Role-play a visit to an ice cream shop using Spanish expressions.
  • Meet farm animals and learn their names in Spanish. 
  • Explore animal sounds and characteristics through interactive activities. 
  • Create farm-themed crafts using Spanish vocabulary. 
  • Explore the world of wild animals and their habitats. 
  • Learn about jungle and savanna animals in Spanish. 
  • Role-play a safari adventure, describing animals in Spanish. 
  • Learn vocabulary related to pets in Spanish.
  • Describe different pets and their characteristics.
  • Role-play pet ownership conversations in Spanish. 
  • Learn common verbs and activities in Spanish. 
  • Discuss hobbies and interests using Spanish verbs.
  • Role-play conversations about favorite activities. 
  • Learn vocabulary related to fruits and food in Spanish.
  • Express likes and dislikes for different foods.
  • Create a menu in Spanish and practice ordering food. 
  • Learn weather vocabulary in Spanish.
  • Describe different types of weather conditions.
  • Role-play weather forecast conversations in Spanish.
  • Learn vocabulary related to feelings and emotions in Spanish.
  • Express emotions and feelings in various situations.
  • Role-play conversations expressing emotions in Spanish. 

Your purchase includes:

Exclusive Bonus

As a special bonus for enrolling in our program, you’ll gain access to a delightful collection of printable activities designed to turn everyday routines into engaging learning experiences for your children. From morning rituals to bedtime stories, these interactive worksheets will transform mundane tasks into exciting adventures while reinforcing their Spanish skills.

Alongside these activities, you’ll also receive a video that guides you through ways to incorporate the materials into your daily routine. With step-by-step instructions you’ll discover how to make the most out of each activity, fostering language development and bonding moments with your child.

Discover your child’s potential with Spanish! Enroll them now and embark on a journey filled with discovery and success!

Here's What My Student Have to Say:

Our son looks forward to his Spanish lessons every week with Gianella. The fun and interactive approach to teaching keeps him engaged, and we’ve seen remarkable improvement in his language skills.Thank you Gianella

- Daniel Garcia

We couldn't be happier with our child's progress since joining Gianella's classes. The engaging activities and personalized attention have truly made a difference in our child's language development.

- Sarah

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Common Qs And As:

My mission as a Spanish teacher for children is to inspire and facilitate a fun and enriching learning environment, where kids can explore and enjoy the process of learning a new language while developing an appreciation for cultural diversity.

What level of Spanish proficiency do my children need to join the program?

No prior Spanish proficiency is required. Our program is designed for beginner-level children who wish to learn Spanish from scratch.

How are the classes structured?

Each class is approximately 40 minutes long and is structured interactively and dynamically, with activities tailored to the children's age and level.

What if my child misses a class?

Don't worry! Classes can be rescheduled within the same week to accommodate your schedule.

What is the class size?

Our classes are entirely personalized, with a one-on-one student-teacher ratio. This ensures that each child receives undivided attention and personalized instruction tailored to their specific learning needs.

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