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I’ve crafted this exclusive VIP program with bonuses and special benefits, tailored for students eager to learn Spanish while navigating unpredictable schedules. Flexibility is at the core of this program, allowing you to adjust classes as needed to accommodate the uniqueness of each week.

Access incredible perks and renew your class package at your discretion, specially designed for those committed to making Spanish a long-term activity. You have the choice between 10 or 20 classes.

Enjoy the freedom to tailor your classes to fit your ever-changing schedule. This VIP program empowers you to personalize your learning experience according to your needs. Plus, gain access to an exclusive calendar with evening and weekend time slots.

This exclusive feature is designed to accommodate diverse schedules, ensuring that your language-learning journey seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Join us and explore the convenience of our tailored calendar, making learning Spanish even more accessible for you.

Don’t forget to check out our reviews, reflecting the success and satisfaction of our students. 🌟 We eagerly anticipate accompanying you on this learning journey!

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Platinum VIP Pass: Elevating Your Spanish Mastery to Unprecedented Heights

Embark on an extraordinary journey of premium tutoring with our Platinum VIP Class Pass, designed for discerning learners who seek an unparalleled Spanish language experience. Immerse yourself in an exclusive series of Spanish classes, each meticulously curated for an in-depth exploration of the language.

1. Comprehensive One-on-One Program: 🎓 Our premium tutoring sessions go beyond the ordinary, offering an extensive series of 10 or 20 one-on-one classes. Dive deep into the nuances of the Spanish language with personalized attention from our expert instructors.

2. Flexible Timing for Your Convenience: 🕒 Experience the flexibility of premium tutoring as you schedule your 10 or 20 classes to seamlessly align with your daily life. Tailor your learning journey to suit your schedule and preferences.

3. Extended Duration (6 Months):⏳ Premium tutoring takes time and dedication. Extend your Spanish learning over a luxurious half-year period, allowing for a more gradual and impactful absorption of knowledge.

4. Birthday Bonus Class: 🎉 Celebrate your milestones with our premium tutoring experience, including a complimentary class in the month of your birthday. It’s a special gift to make your language-learning journey even more memorable.

5. Refer and Receive Bonus: 🤝 Share the exclusivity of premium tutoring with friends and reap the rewards. For each successful referral, both you and your friend receive a bonus gift, fostering a community of dedicated learners.

6. Same-Day Cancellation: 📅 Life can be unpredictable, but our premium tutoring service understands. Enjoy the privilege of canceling your class on the same day without forfeiting the lesson, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

7. Exclusive Learning Resources: 📚 Access a premium library of exclusive learning resources, enhancing your premium tutoring experience. From extra practice materials to cultural insights and language tips, enrich your linguistic journey beyond the conventional.

8. Weekend or Evening Sessions: 🌙 Tailor your premium tutoring experience further with specially designed weekend or evening classes. Ideal for those with bustling workweek schedules, these sessions ensure that learning Spanish remains a pleasure.

Elevate your language journey with the Platinum VIP 10 or 20-Class Pass, where premium tutoring meets linguistic excellence. Join us in the realm of exclusive Spanish mastery and indulge in a truly premium learning experience!

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VIP 10 class pass, VIP 20 class pass

9 reviews for Platinum VIP Spanish Pass

  1. Tobi

    Gianella ha sido mi profesora para un año, y creo que ella es la mejor profesora en todo de barcelona! su clase llena de bromas y nos reímos mucho pero la clase también llena de ejercicios que se prepara para cada estudiante. ella es muy paciente y si tienes la oportunidad para aprender español con gianella considérate afortunado!

  2. Jill and Tim

    I love Gianella, her flexibility with learning modalities, empathy, support, kindness and patience. Her rates are ultra reasonable and she goes above and beyond to ensure that the client it getting the most for their money and using the best method for them to be able to retain the language as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning Spanish. She’s become a dear friend of my husband and I.

  3. Adriano

    é uma excelente profissional, dedicada e puntual, sempre chega na clase ela tinha uma aula diferente como muita conversação e jogos para facilitar o aprendizado e aparte muito educada. se querem uma professora com esses requisitos aí está !! obrigado gianella foi um ano de clase e prendi muito com você um beijo!

  4. Ed Pantano

    I want to express my gratitude to Gianella for making Spanish classes such a positive experience. Gianella makes the learning process fun and interactive.Thank you!

  5. Brittny Tengan

    I’ve not only improved my language skills but also developed a genuine appreciation for the culture. Gracias, Gianella!

  6. Steve Wroblewski

    Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I’ve seen significant improvement in my language abilities. Thank you Gianella.

  7. Robin

    Gianella creates a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Her passion for teaching Spanish is evident, and she goes the extra mile to ensure each student grasps the language concepts. I am grateful for the progress I’ve made under her guidance.

  8. Zack Soriano

    Our daughter has been learning Spanish with Gianella for the past year, and we’re amazed at how quickly she’s picking up the language. The engaging lessons and personalized approach have made a significant difference in her language skills.

  9. Myrna Kushner

    Taking classes with Gianella has been an enriching experience. Her teaching style is engaging, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. I’ve seen significant improvement in my Spanish skills, and I highly recommend her classes!

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