Spanish course: Past tense


10 one-hour live and personalized sessions where you will learn about two past tenses in Spanish (pretérito indefinido and imperfecto).
At the end of the course, you will be able to comment on a historical event and how life changed after that.

  • This course is suitable for students in A2 (advanced beginners) with knowledge of the present and present perfect tense.

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10 personalized 1-hour sessions 


The topics to be covered in these 10 sessions will be: 

  • Verbs in the past tense (Pretérito Indefinido) to comment on the life and work of important people.
  • Use of: de/desde, a/hasta to talk about time.
  • Uses of: desde hace, desde – hasta, hace, durante to talk about the time span of activities.
  • Verbs in the past tense (Pretérito Imperfecto) to talk about old habits.
  • Placing actions in the past and in the present (before and now).
  • Contrasts between two past tense (Pretérito Indefinido and Imperfecto).
  • Vocabulary related to life stages, historical periods, and biographies.
  • Final activity: comment on an important historical event in the student’s country and how life changed after it (this historical event has to be proposed by the student).


Terms and conditions

  • Materials for each session will be provided upon payment.
  • The timetable of the sessions will be previously agreed upon by the teacher and the student.
  • Session dates are scheduled to be held within one month.
  • In case of rescheduling a session, it has to be done within the same month.
  • Homework is optional.




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