E-book: Free time vocabulary


In this ebook, you will find information related to the Spanish present with irregular verbs and names of free time activities.


E-book: Free time activities

  1. The activities are all designed to be done on your own and without the help of a teacher.
  2. Keep in mind that the help of a tutor will always strengthen your study sessions.
  3. Answer page at the end
  4. Suitable for beginners’ levels (A1)
  5. Here you will find 6 activities:
  • Write down the correct ending for each verb.
  • Sort the words and associate the verbs with the pictures shown next to them.

  • Fill in the missing verbs in the sentences.
  • Present tense activitites
  • Irregular verbs
  • Write down the following verb form.
  • Read the text and sort the underlined verbs into regular and irregular verbs.
  • Write down the infinitive form of each verb. 


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