Are you looking for new activities and resources to study Spanish? Would you like to practice a bit more listening but can’t find the right material? Great! Because today, we’re going to talk about podcasts for studying Spanish, and the list I recommend will surely help you have more fun and effective study sessions to achieve the fluency you desire.

So let’s get started!

Ideas with podcasts for studying

1. Intermediate and Advanced Levels:

First, I choose an audio according to the level and interest of my student, and I also look for the transcript. With these two resources (audio + transcript), we can start working. If you’re studying Spanish on your own, I recommend that you listen to the audio first without reading the transcript and test yourself on how much you can understand without reading. Then, listen to the audio again, but this time with pen and paper to write down the words you don’t understand and find difficult.

After you’ve listened to the audio twice, take the transcript and read it without listening to the audio and try to find the words that gave you trouble, look up their meanings in a dictionary or translator. When you finish listening to the audio, try to answer questions, here are some ideas:

  • What was the main topic?
  • Is the presenter in favor or against the topic discussed?
  • Did they share personal experiences?
  • Did the presenter talk to someone else? Who was it?
  • Did they talk about a place? What was it like?
  • Is there any final conclusion?

All these questions will lead you to search for more specific information in the audio that you will have to synthesize to write it in Spanish. I encourage you to write at least three questions and answer them in Spanish; this will allow you to create sentences in your head and find ways to write them.

Finally, if you have the opportunity to speak with someone in Spanish, discuss the podcast topic. Surely this time it will be much easier to express your opinion or comment on something because you’ve already been working on vocabulary earlier.

2. Beginner or Intermediate Levels:

Another way I work with podcasts that works very well with beginners is by focusing on keywords. This time, read the transcript first without listening to the podcast. If you don’t understand the words, look them up and try to understand the phrases.

Create an outline or mind map of the text you’ve read, starting with the title and the main ideas explained by the presenter, and then include the keywords in each section. Now that you’ve worked with the text and understand what it’s about, listen to the podcast. This time, it will surely be a little easier to understand. Try to listen to the words you already know and the ones you’re learning; you can repeat the audio as many times as you think necessary.

Never, ever, ever forget to enjoy all your study sessions and try to make them as fun as possible. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to remember these words and bring them into a natural conversation the next time you speak Spanish with someone.

There are so many podcasts, and more and more teachers are joining these platforms to create great materials and content for practicing Spanish. The program I use to listen to podcasts is Spotify, it’s the most common for me; I have it on my phone and computer, so no matter where I am, I can always listen to the episodes I save in “my episodes” list. But if you don’t have Spotify, you can listen to these podcasts on other platforms like Apple Podcasts, Podcast Go, or CastBox.

My list of the top 10 podcasts you shouldn’t miss in your playlist

1. Spanish Coffee Break

In this podcast for beginners, Mark teaches Spanish through different topics, talks about grammar, culture, vocabulary, etc. Mark speaks in Spanish, but mostly in English, which is very helpful and useful for starting to learn Spanish.

2. Spanish for Beginners

This podcast teaches Spanish with phrases in English and Spanish. Teacher Pedro Fernández with over 30 years of experience makes this podcast where he talks about grammar, expressions, and some cultural topics. It has a very slow and pleasant tone to listen to.

3. Spanish Obsessed

I’m a big fan of this couple, Rob from England and Liz from Colombia, who teach vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with phrases in English and Spanish using colloquial words in a conversation.

4. News in Slow Spanish

This podcast is for Spanish students who already know some basic vocabulary because although they speak quite slowly, they usually don’t translate into English, so if you’re at A1 level, it may be a bit difficult at first. The free part you find on Spotify only lasts between 5/8 minutes, and if you want to listen to the full program, you have to go to their website and pay for the subscription. The episodes are daily and quite diverse, so it could be a quite comprehensive resource for studying Spanish.

5. LatinEle Podcast

In Latin ELE Podcast, you’ll hear Marco teaching Spanish in English. In Latin Ele, there are two types of podcasts, one for beginners where you’ll hear Marco talking with his wife, Jessi, about family, weather, likes, preferences, and many other simple topics. He also has another podcast for intermediate students where Marco interviews other language teachers and talks mainly about Chilean cultural topics. You can find transcripts of his episodes on his Patreon page, which makes this podcast ideal for practicing Spanish on your own.

6. Spanish Lessons with Pablo

I came across this podcast because a student recommended it to me. Pablo teaches Spanish in English, and in his podcast, you’ll hear simultaneous translation of every word. He doesn’t usually talk about many topics or converse with other people, but he provides quite accurate translations for a beginner Spanish student. So with this podcast, you can build a rich dictionary of expressions and colloquialisms.

7. Un Día en Español

This is a podcast from Babbel’s website, and I include it in this list because even though it doesn’t have many episodes, it’s the only one I’ve seen (so far) with simultaneous transcription. You can visit Babbel’s website and, in addition to listening to the podcast, do activities, answer comprehension questions, and look up the meaning of words. This podcast definitely has very good technology for teaching Spanish.

8. Intermediate Spanish Podcast

This podcast, created by César for intermediate Spanish students, is a great resource for practicing vocabulary. You can find the transcriptions on his website and also practice the words learned in each episode with Quizlet. Although most of his audios are over 20 minutes long, César has a clear and simple speaking pace and explains his viewpoints well, making it understandable and easy to follow.

9. Mini Stories to Learn Spanish

In this podcast, Joel teaches Spanish to beginner and intermediate level students (from A2) through short stories. I like them because the stories are short, and Joel speaks slowly, making it easier for everyone to understand the words. Very helpful.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What do you like about them? Do you know any others? I’d love to read your comments.

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