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progress at your own pace

Perfect your Spanish skills with the help of an online tutor from Chile. You’ll improve your Spanish conversational skills at the same time as getting to grips with vocabulary, reading, and writing.

Keep up with your study sessions and not stop because of our busy schedule!

normal class

60 minutes class

With so many apps and games available to learn Spanish online, it’s tempting to believe that language lessons are no longer necessary. However, if you want to learn a language fast, there’s no substitute for having a professional teach it to you. Online tutoring is a flexible and cost-effective way to do this. 

Most importantly for your progress, 1-on-1 tutoring means you’ll have the chance to practice speaking Spanish from lesson #1. Speaking is a very different skill from writing, reading, or listening, and there’s still no method of practicing that’s as effective as working with a live partner. 

Brendan Richard Lewis is an Irish author and blogger who defines himself as a «technomad language hacker».

B. Lewis says:

“If your priority truly is to speak, then speak already! Do other things too, as these are all part of the language learning experience and necessary to live a full life through the language, but speak! Speak NOW. Meet a native in person or online and show them what you’re made of, make mistakes and get through it – this is the best way to speak better quickly.”

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If you would like to purchase a class, please contact me to receive all the necessary information.
My lesson packs are to be paid in advance and can be used in 10 months. You will receive a receipt with all the details of your purchase before making the payment for your security. You can cancel or change your class with 24 hours’ notice. If the student does not show up at the agreed time, the class will be considered as given.

You can consult my FAQs for more information and If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

I will be happy to help you!

booking classes

what to expect from my online class?

I teach grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects in all my classes, the only difference is the class length, you can decide between thirty minutes or one hour. If you come with friends, you can make your own group and take the small group class (up to three people).

speaking approach

In my classes, I prepare and design different communicative situations in which you will be able to express yourself, give opinions, tell stories, comment on your tastes and preferences, etc.

In this way, step by step, you will feel more confident and familiar with the language.

advice and tips

If you are learning a language for the first time, you probably feel overwhelmed with so much information, podcasts, internet courses, and learning apps. The internet is full of amazing (and not so amazing) stuff!

In my classes I will share with you strategies that have worked best for me and my students, tried and tested by them and with great results.

Personalized class

All classes are designed according to your level and needs. Many of my students ask me to talk about topics related to their professions or jobs, allowing us to have conversations in more real and familiar contexts for them.

All materials will be provided by me, thus you won’t need to buy or get any books. All you need for my classes is a laptop and a good Internet connection.


Whether or not to have homework is totally optional but highly recommended. It is a great way to have study sessions in which you are alone (without a teacher) and where you can do a reading, listening, or writing activity to practice vocabulary that we previously learned in class.

The assignments are shared in a Google Drive document and only you and I will have access to it. It will be totally private and you can edit it as many times as you want.


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