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Are you interested in learning Spanish with Netflix? Today I am going to share with you some tips to learn Spanish with movies and I will also recommend you some series you can use for your study sessions, all classified according to your level of knowledge in Spanish (beginner, intermediate or advanced). I hope it helps you and, do not forget to comment on your experience, this can help other Spanish students.


Learning Spanish with Netflix


Movies, books, songs, podcasts, and all the resources we have on the Internet can help you study and make your study sessions more fun. The secret is how to use them in order to make our study sessions effective and not to spend hours and hours in front of the computer without learning a thing.

Let’s take a look at some simple steps you need to follow before you start studying with film platforms like Netflix:
1. Define your level of knowledge in Spanish (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
2. Choose a skill to work on (listening, reading, speaking, writing)
3. Choose a scene to practice (you can’t work with the whole movie).
4. Once you have all the material to work with, start studying.

Here’s a list of my movie recommendations:

Recommended for initial levels


If you are just starting with Spanish I advise you to begin with a series or movie that you have already seen (hopefully more than once) and in which it is not necessary to pay attention at all to the plot. A good example of this is the well-known series Friends, which I’m sure many have seen in their own language more than once. 

The 30-minute chapter and the simple dialogues make it ideal to keep you watching without getting too tired (keep in mind that learning a language is also about being constant and that is why it is not advisable, at first, to be exposed to the new language for too many hours).


However, if listening to Friends in another language isn’t your cup of tea (many students have told me that it is very strange to hear Joey with a Spanish accent😅) You can also try Extra, an original Spanish language series, with 30-minute chapters with very easy to understand dialogues. It is a sort of copy of the American TV series Friends but with a more Spanish style. It was filmed in Barcelona, making it a good way to learn Spanish from the slang or colloquial words of Spain.

Recommended for intermediate levels

If you are comfortable with listening to or watching movies in Spanish, the range of options is wider. There are plenty of movies and series in Spanish that you can watch to practice Spanish and learn new words. For intermediate levels, it is recommended to define previously what skills to work on with the series or movie and in this way, you will obtain more benefit from these resources. 

To acquire vocabulary

To learn vocabulary choose a film or series in the area you want to practice ( healthcare, business, law, economics, etc.) there are many choices and a large selection to choose from. Here are some recommendations which may help you

Vis a Vis

Las chicas del cable

For better listening

I recommend that you choose a series or movie with the accent of the country you want to practice listening to. Most of the movies or series on Netflix are classified in two types of Spanish (Latin Spanish or European Spanish) therefore you can choose between these two options, both for the audios and for the subtitles. Here are some options with Latin Spanish that you may like.

Valeria – Spain

Roma – Mexico

No – Chile

Neruda – Chile

Ines del Alma Mía. España (Novela de Isabel Allende)

To improve understanding of a story

If you just want to watch a movie in another language and do not think about activities, accents, or specific vocabulary, then I recommend you to add the Learn a language with Netflix extension for Google Chrome to watch the movie with two subtitles plus you can save the most interesting vocabulary and then you can study it.

I leave here some options of movies that you might like to work on the understanding of a story.

A pesar de todo

El desorden que dejas

Alguien tiene que morir

La casa de papel

For advanced levels or near-native speakers

Understanding the cultural aspects and type of humor.

Stand-up comedy is a harder resource to understand and for that, you need to have a fairly advanced level of the language and also an understanding of the type of humor in the country. In any case, I leave you here some very good stand-up comedies that Netflix has for you to test yourself.

Stand-up comedy

Detesto Que Todo Sea Tierno – Fabrizio Copano

Have you seen any of these series? Have you practiced studying Spanish with movies?
Tell me about it, I’m sure your experience will help other Spanish students.
See you in the next post!


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Giane was born and raised in Chile, except for the time she moved to Spain and attended university there. She studied Education and Psychology at the University of Barcelona. She started teaching Spanish when she decided to travel around Europe, since then she has not stopped teaching languages.

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