Online and Live!

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by endless information; together, we’ll navigate a clear path forward. 

Have you ever wanted to speak Spanish with confidence, but traditional methods just haven’t worked for you?

No matter how many times you’ve tried, mastering a new language can feel like an uphill battle. But fear not, because with my tailored approach to Spanish learning, success is within reach.


Welcome to my personalized Spanish classes, where I firmly believe in offering the quickest way to learn.


Each session is meticulously crafted to match your unique needs, interests, and proficiency level. Whether you’re starting as a complete beginner or seeking to refine your skills, I’ve got you covered.


From grammar and expression to specific vocabulary, my customized study plans ensure that you’re learning precisely what you need to succeed.


I specialize in a speaking-focused approach because I believe that fluency is best achieved through practice and conversation. With classes available for all levels and ages, you’ll be able to fully utilize every session to enhance your Spanish skills.

Join me today and embark on your journey to mastering Spanish with confidence and ease.

Essential Information

What You´ll Learn

Each class is tailored to the student’s level, interests, and needs, resulting in highly variable content. I provide a customized study plan for each student, covering topics such as:

What You'll Receive

Your personalized Spanish classes not only include live sessions, but you will also have access to workbooks to continue practicing throughout the month, as well as grammar or vocabulary sheets depending on the unit we are working on.

Your purchase includes:

How does Online Tutoring Work?



First, you sign up for online tutoring services. You can do this by visiting the enrollment page and completing the registration process. This typically involves providing some basic information and creating an account. 



 After receiving your details, I will contact you to propose a personalized lesson plan or activities for our Spanish classes. Together, we will select the activities that best suit your needs and learning objectives.



Once we have defined the lesson plan, I will send you a payment coupon to complete the enrollment process. You can conveniently make the payment through PayPal or other secure payment platforms.



 Upon confirming your payment, you will receive the necessary materials and links to access our classes. You’ll be ready to start your Spanish learning journey with us.


 Choose Your Pack, Unlock Exclusive Benefits, and Embrace the Journey to Fluency!

Basic Pack


/ Month

For most students looking to start learning Spanish.

Premium Pack


/ Month

Ideal for committed learners looking for a more intensive experience.

Advance Pack


/ Month

Designed for those who prioritize flexibility, scheduling control, and additional resources.



If you have any questions about the type of class, resources, materials to be used, the type of online interaction, or anything else, I invite you to take a complimentary trial class to address all your concerns. I would be delighted to provide you with a clearer understanding of my teaching approach and how I can assist you.

3 Key Commitments for Spanish Success!

Before you enroll in my Spanish classes, I need you to read these three basic commitments. With these three commitments, I assure you that you will soon start speaking Spanish, improving your confidence, and understanding when someone speaks.

Attending classes regularly helps you learn Spanish steadily. It gets you used to the language and helps you learn better. If you need to change your class time, try to keep practicing Spanish regularly throughout the week.
Extra exercises give you more practice outside of class, helping you remember what we learned. Doing this regularly helps you understand the language better. Try to study a bit between classes when you can.
Your plan is made just for you, based on what you want to achieve. Following this plan helps you learn better by focusing on what you need to improve. It matches how you like to learn.

Here's What My Student Have to Say:


Gianella listens very carefully to my questions and gives constructive/comprehensive replies. I gained a more structural understanding of Spanish sentences and was able to build sentences based on the phrases I understand. Clear objectives for each lesson, thorough practices, and practical knowledge. It builds a strong base for my starts, thanks.

- Theodore
Tom Hortop

Thanks Gianella for all your help in improving my Spanish! I always recommend your classes to others who are learning, because the conversations are great, the instruction is clear and you put in so much work to tailor the class to the individual. Instead of being hard work for me, the classes were something to look forward to. Your expertise in teaching is a great help. Thank you for all your support in getting me ready for my time in South America! Tom

- Tom Hortop

Common Qs And As:

How do I determine which plan is right for me?

Consider your learning goals, the amount of time you can commit, and your preferred level of intensity. The Basic plan is great for a balanced approach, Premium offers more support and tracking, while Advanced is for those seeking a comprehensive and flexible learning experience.

What is the advantage of personalized learning plans?

Personalized learning plans are tailored to your specific needs, adapting to your pace and focusing on areas that require improvement. This ensures a more efficient and effective learning journey, maximizing your language acquisition.

Can I reschedule classes if needed?

Yes, both Premium and Advanced plans offer rescheduling options. Premium provides priority scheduling, while Advanced allows rescheduling within 24 hours, providing flexibility to adapt your classes to your schedule.

How are progress reports beneficial?

Progress reports, included in the Premium plan, offer insights into your language development. They highlight achievements, identify areas for improvement, and help both you and your instructor track and celebrate your language-learning milestones.

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