Spanish Language teacher from Chile

¡De Chile para el mundo!

Throughout our classes, you will develop the tools and confidence to speak Spanish in a native way. My way of teaching is through the real context of the language, I create and adapt activities for you to use Spanish in common real-life situations related to your needs.

Whether you want to travel or work in Chile (or any Spanish-speaking country), my classes will always be adapted to what you really need and we can practice a lot of local and native expressions to help you understand a little better.

If you want customized tutoring while also learning about Latin and Chilean culture, then you’ve come to the right place!

Get to know me a bit better

How did I start this job?

I have always loved languages, meeting people, and learning about different cultures. When I was a child I traveled with my family throughout Latin America and each time I visited a new country, my desire to continue traveling became stronger and stronger. That’s how one day, I challenged myself and even though I really liked my job as a teacher in the local school, I quit, packed everything in a suitcase (well, several suitcases), and traveled from Chile to Europe, a big leap for me.

I worked as a teacher at a local school in Santiago de Chile The time I worked there was full of good experiences and incredible life stories. Some of my students (now teenagers) keep in touch with me and that makes me very grateful that I chose to teach as a profession.

For six years, I lived in different places (England, Spain, Turkey, and France) and I also studied “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language” in Barcelona, which gave me great tools and insights to work with my students, especially in grammatical aspects.

The pandemic turned my life upside down. I had to return to Chile and continue working with my students remotely, but the truth is since then my classes have been constantly improving. The Internet provides me with the possibility of making high-quality resources and materials, the remote connection with my students is simple and easy, and we can live miles away from each other and practice when we have 30 or 60 minutes. I have seen in six months how my students talk with more confidence and I am very proud of that.

My Motivation

What do I like most about my job?

Listening to my students. It’s amazing how many stories and anecdotes they have to tell, every day I learn about them, their cultures, and experiences. Definitely, the best part of my job is being able to connect with people. That’s why, when I decided to become freelance and create my own website, the name of the site had to be “Spanish Connected”. 

And you? Why are you studying Spanish? What makes you come here? Write to me! I always enjoy reading and listening to students. 

What are Students Saying

Gianella’s classes are very intense. I choose the «Marathon» Pack which she offers and It was really cool. One of the few good things with Gianella is that she really understood my requirement in Learning Spanish and she customized her classes according to my need. I was not given the same course as other students instead She creates and plans classes as per the Student. In my case, My goal was to learn Spanish as quickly as possible and to live in a Spanish-speaking country and I joined her classes 6 months before and I can personally see that My Spanish is getting improved day by day. She acknowledges my achievements in Spanish and at the same time, If I make mistakes while Speaking Spanish, She calls me out and teaches, and encourages me to speak Properly. The classes are interactive with lots of fun activities. It doesn’t feel like a class rather feels like hanging out with a friend while Learning Spanish.
I totally recommend her.



I love Gianella, her flexibility with learning modalities, empathy, support, kindness and patience. Her rates are ultra reasonable and she goes above and beyond to ensure that the client it getting the most for their money and using the best method for them to be able to retain the language as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning Spanish. She’s become a dear friend of my husband and I.


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