My passion for exploring new places.

Since I was very young, I have visited different countries in Latin America. Learning about the people’s history, culture, and customs became one of my favorite things when traveling. But as you know, all the countries in Latin America, except for Brazil, speak Spanish. Hence, language was never an impediment to travel because I could always talk and communicate with everyone.

But there came a day when I dared to go a little further. I traveled to England and felt the need to learn a new language for the first time. Although I spoke a little English, I needed more. I wanted to know the expressions, understand the jokes, and speak fluently with my friends.

During my time in England…

I met two great English teachers who helped me develop my communication skills. I loved their teaching method through informal activities, helpful vocabulary, and authentic and natural expressions. I was probably not the best at speaking, but I felt confident and even dared to make jokes and use new terms.

One day one of them asked me to teach him Spanish. At that time, I didn’t know I could teach my language, and there were people interested in learning it. However, I was inquisitive, and following their teaching techniques, I started to give them Spanish lessons.

Ole! I lived in Barcelona.

I have to admit that they only learned to say a few basic things. They could tell their name and give personal information. They were thankful, but I wanted to do it better. My classes at that time were different from what they are today. I only knew a few techniques and made many mistakes. The good thing about this experience was that I found a new profession that I loved, combined teaching (my real profession) and languages (my passion), plus I could work and travel. How better!

That’s how I came to Barcelona and studied to become a Spanish teacher, worked a few years in this beautiful city, and met wonderful people. I taught Spanish to many friends, tourists, English teachers, and employees of international companies.

My Story in Numbers

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What do I like the most about my job?

Even though I have been in this profession for several years, I never stop learning. There is always a new way to explain the contents, show the grammar, and use everyday and authentic resources to create activities and adapt them to the needs of my students.

Since I am a Spanish teacher, I find that everything around me can be transformed into an excellent didactic activity. and if you have been my student, surely you have already realized this. However, if you haven’t studied with me and still need to learn Spanish, I am sure you will love my classes. Therefore, don’t hesitate to write to me if you want to have personal tutoring. I will be happy to help you and accompany you on this beautiful journey of Spanish.

Student Experiences

Gianella’s classes are very intense. I choose the «Marathon» Pack which she offers and It was really cool. One of the few good things with Gianella is that she really understood my requirement in Learning Spanish and she customized her classes according to my need. I was not given the same course as other students instead She creates and plans classes as per the Student. In my case, My goal was to learn Spanish as quickly as possible and to live in a Spanish-speaking country and I joined her classes 6 months before and I can personally see that My Spanish is getting improved day by day. She acknowledges my achievements in Spanish and at the same time, If I make mistakes while Speaking Spanish, She calls me out and teaches, and encourages me to speak Properly. The classes are interactive with lots of fun activities. It doesn’t feel like a class rather feels like hanging out with a friend while Learning Spanish.
I totally recommend her.



I love Gianella, her flexibility with learning modalities, empathy, support, kindness and patience. Her rates are ultra reasonable and she goes above and beyond to ensure that the client it getting the most for their money and using the best method for them to be able to retain the language as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning Spanish. She’s become a dear friend of my husband and I.


Thank you for getting to know me!

As we wrap up this glimpse into my world, I invite you to join me on this exciting language-learning journey. Whether you’re a seasoned Spanish enthusiast or just starting, I am thrilled to be your guide.

Feel free to explore the various resources and courses I offer. Let’s embark on this adventure together and make learning Spanish an enriching experience.

¡Hasta luego! (See you soon!)